Soulmate OST

Track listing (alphabetical):

  • Blue bossa – Lasid
  • Broken dreams – Basement Jaxx
  • Byun hae gan se wol sok eh suh (with Cabinet Singalongs) – Peppertones
  • C’mon through – Lasse Lindh
  • Don’t turn away – Peking Laundry
  • Everyday I fall in love again – Linus of Hollywood
  • Eyes – Sung Hyun
  • Fly me to the moon – Olivia
  • Hwan chung – Blue Sorbet
  • Get your hands up – Aquibird
  • Geu gut do mo reu go – The Note
  • Goodbye to romance – Lisa Loeb
  • I love you – Eniac
  • I miss you – Eniac
  • In a manner of speaking (Tuxedomoon) – Nouvelle Vague
  • Milod – Brynhildur
  • Mo deun to yo il – Casker
  • More than paradise – Port of Notes
  • Paris Paris!! – Monla
  • Play our love’s theme – Toki Asako
  • Satisfy me – Blue Sorbet
  • Shi gan ee heu reun dwi en – Postino
  • Since you’ve gone – Laurel Music
  • Soulmate – Monla
  • Stop in the name of love – Big Gang
  • That’s why – Physical Function of Groove
  • The servant – Coco Suma
  • The stuff – Lasse Lindh
  • This is not a love song – Nouvelle Vague
  • Till it happens to you – Corrine Baily Rae

Sorry the link I found has died.

The music coordinator has a liking for Nouvelle Vague, Lasse Lindh and Fantastic Plastic Machine, their songs are used frequently. I detected some Moby tracks too. Soulmate has a playful, jazzy, bossa nova feel thanks to the great music! In fact, each time a track is played I’ll be all panicky, trying to jot down lyrics to hunt for the songs, and thus distracted from the show itself. But it’s just me and The OC syndrome again. But then, while the OC’s website has oh so kindly provided track listings for each episode, I have difficulties finding info for songs featured in Soulmate. So hopefully all the above helped.

credits: D-addicts, for image.



  1. KIMI said

    The song: Don’t turn away – Peking Laundry [[ from SoulMate ]]
    i was wondering is it really from that artist.
    B-cause i can’t find him ANYWHERE!!
    PLEASE –h e l p ME!! THANK yOu!! =]

  2. celiainside said

    Yup it’s really from Peking Laundry. It’s one of the songs included in the zip file from the megaupload link above. I’ve got that song (in WMA format and DRM protected) from the link too. Imeem has it too I think. Hope that helps ^^

  3. yuet ching said

    Hi celia

    I am searching for the mp3 of the songs from that I can edit them in Audacity and export out as an mp3 file too. Do u know wer I can get the mp3 version or wav format(though not sure can export out of audacity programme)? Email me.

    Yuet Ching

  4. redwitch said

    Do you have any information about Eniac? I like I Miss You a lot.

  5. sefi said

    Thanks so much. I really enjoyed the music to this drama even thought I’m only up to episode 2!

  6. akiez said

    hi celia,

    i’ve downloaded some of ost from this drama but i can’t find the one i really want to u know what the title of the song that have the lyric “..when a man loves a woman he know just what to do..” if i’m not mistaken it is the song that played at the airport while DW went to US
    hope u can help me..thanks in advance

  7. leev said

    wow thx its really hard to find d zipped file ><
    n agree~~!! d songs were piced well a s its ost 🙂

  8. mr.az87 said


    The song title is The Stuff by Lasse Lindh. I download another OST from another website and it has much more songs that is here but it doesn’t have don’t turn away. Weird. Anyways, thanx for the link celia, I was searching madly for Don’t Turn Away.

  9. dradou said

    do u know what the title of the song that have the lyric “gimme the feeling gimme the touch gimme the love”

    • celiainside said

      Must be ‘The Stuff’ by Lasse Lindh.

      • anonymous said

        Celia, the link isn’t working. do you know if you could fix it, or is the file not yours?

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