Nobuta wo Produce

*spoiler alert*

After almost one year of hiatus, finally I finished Nobuta wo Produce.


Why one year hiatus? Well… I watched the first half at my friend’s place last winter and we agreed it’s quite interesting but just way too slow. It’s almost like the plot stands still… so we fell asleep (and it’s three in the morning). I then learned that it has garnered such popularity, and probably it has something to do with the two eye-candies in the show: Kame and Yamapi. Being ignorant with Japanese teens idols and harbouring a personal dislike for girlish Asian guys who deny their natural hair colour (beautiful black), I had no idea who these guys are, and when I found out I wasn’t that impressed. I have to say acting-wise they’re not bad though, the characters are interesting, and that Akira guy is funny.

Also, this J-drama because it constantly walks dangerously on the fine line between quirky and corny. And as a result, it’s both ^^. I have mixed feelings about Shuji’s signature greeting “Bye bicycle…” ergh. Do you know something that’s so corny it becomes funny. It’s that. Here’s another: the trio’s signature “Nobuta power up” gesture. But then again, it’s the reason why this series is likable too. The vice principal is one quirky lady, Akira’s drunken gesture is weird but funny.

Recently I got to finished the last half and it’s so much better than the slow start! It changed my mind about the whole series. Episode 8 is my favourite, when Shuji all of a sudden lost his popularity and became the ignored one in class (something that he feared really badly form the start), when Aoi showed her true colours to Nobuta (I knew the makers wanted us to think that the culprit is Mariko but I knew it’s not her), and how their friendship was strengthened after that. Wah! So sweet! And I missed my high school best friends all of a sudden.

The orchestral music background is a plus too. And Nobuta? She’s a great character and it’s unique that she became popular not because of the usual makeover stuff, but because the way she is. And they still make fun of her, in an affectionate way.

And the ending too. Many thought it was disappointing, and it involves these two in a sweet (non-intended) gay moment.

Shuji to Akira

in fact, it’s not unlike Nana, pure platonic same-sex friendship.


But I think it’s the best ending possible. Shuji indeed left the two of them, just like that, without the familiar frantic chase at the airport (because he’s leaving on a truck) and big hug and “kajima” or “saranghae” (wait, those are Korean) and eventually Shuji’s decision not to leave. Now that would be cheesy. Instead, Shuji left after a realistic and sweet goodbye with his classmates, and Nobuta asked Akira to go after him *gasp!*, because she realised that Shuji’s the lonely one who needs a friend the most, and that she’ll be ok by herself. Rather sad, but nice, nice ending! And I love how the Japanese don’t over-saturate their dramas with romance but still manage to make them really sweet and touching! After a slow start, Nobuta has the one of the greatest endings in Asian dramas.

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Start: 6/10, ending: 8.5/10


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  1. K-lover said

    Ha…ha I loved your Nana comparison. Keep it up!

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