I’m a uni student whose interest fluctuates constantly between movies, actors (not gossips. Well. Sometimes), TV series (mostly Korean drama but not limited to it), music, books, and blogging. My obsessions are unstable and changing constantly but they’re all fueled by the need to escape from my studies. I, unfortunately, don’t use BitTorrent or Rapidshare or those high tech downloading means. But I do know LimeWire, Crunchyroll, and YouTube. My friends can’t stand me ranting and raving about things that I like passionately. Thus, I blog.

I wish this could be something like an up-and-coming guide where I can influence some souls who stumble onto my blog to watch or listen to current things that I like. Heheh. But due to my limited knowledge, limited language skills (I speak Indonesian and English only), me living down under (new movies take a snail pace to travel here), and my realization that I need to catch up really, really lots, it’s a rather difficult thing.

Thus, I regard this as an archive of my insights on stuff which I really enjoy or have a strong opinion about. Hopefully you will enjoy this too. ~


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